Meet Scott

"Living in the moment teaches you to enjoy life’s small successes."
-Scott A. Gohn


Scott A. Gohn, CLTC  

I believe it’s important to share the “why” that compels the work we choose to do.

I can look back nearly two decades ago at one of the most difficult times in my life. My father passed away the day after I turned 30 and not for lack of intense love, but instead reflecting a of lack of planning, my mom was left anxious and unsure about her future.

For me, this is very personal. My purpose in work is to ensure that love and protection go hand in hand and so I’m passionate about helping to educate our clients and helping them to strategize for the best outcomes possible. Insurance planning is an incredibly selfless act. Whether for your business or for your family, taking the time to ensure continuity and peace of mind for those you love is an act of putting others before yourself, and as a devoted husband and father – I get it.

It’s simply the love for people that drives our business and fuels my passion and there isn’t a better feeling than simply being there for someone in what may be their darkest hour and whispering an reassuring “yes” to the question: “Are we going to be ok?”

This is my why, and it’s also why we choose to focus solely on insurance while finding the best of the best accountants, estate planning attorneys, and investment advisors whose values align with mine and enable my ability to provide holistic solutions for the families and businesses we are privileged to form relationships with.